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  Buyer Scripts 

  1. The Buyer sees the market shift and now believes he can make any offer he wants and that the Seller will have to accept it.

  2. The Buyer has a “fear of the future” and worries that he might lose his job.

  3. The Buyer has a “fear of the future” and is worried that they will pay too high an interest rate.

  4. The Buyer sees the market shift but does not understand that it is a good time to buy.

  5. The Buyer has a "fear of the future" and is concerned that property values will continue to go down. 

  6. The Buyer sees the market shift and believes that he has all the time in the world to look and buy.

  7. Determining the Buyer’s Motivation

  8. Financially Qualifying the Buyer

  9. Qualifying a Buyer

  10. Financially Approving a Buyer

  11. Relocation Buyer

  12. Relocation Buyer – Control Your Time

  13. Setting Expectation When Working with Buyers

  14. To a Buyer that Wants to See 20-plus Homes Before Deciding

  15. Buyer – Setting Expectations of Trust

  16. Buyer Wants to Think About It

  Seller Scripts

  1. The other Realtor said he would reduce his commission to 4%.  That would save us a lot of money.

  2. The Seller sees the market shift and has unrealistic expectations.

  3. The Seller has fear of selling at the wrong time.

  4. The Seller has unrealistic expectations about the value of their home.

  5. The Seller is afraid that the sale price will not cover what is owned on the mortgage.

  6. The Seller may not be willing to bring his property up to standard.

  7. Seller’s Motivation

  8. Seller’s Goals / Emotion

  9. Setting Expectations When Working with Sellers

  10. Showing Homes – Seller Present and Wants to Tour the Home with You

  Other Scripts

  1. Request Referrals

  2. Isolate the Objections

  3. Expectations

  4. Negotiating

  5. Showing the Difference between Agents

  6. Setting Expectations

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