Recruiting for Rockstars Workshop

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Recruiting for Rockstars Workshop includes all the scripts, workbook and recruiting materials that give you the latest resources so you can start recruiting your unfair share of agents immediately. Workshop scheduled by region - Call Rich Rector for details (714) 916-1219


Recruiting for Rockstars Workshop can be presented in a one-day or two-day format.

Tech Day
  1. Key Components of your online recruiting strategy, including social media
  2. Master the value proposition of eEdge to recruit at the highest level.
  3. Best practices for sorting and grouping your contacts in eEdge.
  4. Exercises to show your agents the eEdge WOW factor.
  5. Start your eEdge 33 Touch to grow your Market Center.
  6. Create synergy in your recruiting efforts using eEdge, scripts and dialogues.
  7. Creative solutions for working with your eEdge Ambassadors.
  8. How to respond to eEdge objections.
  9. How eEdge plays into your complete on-line recruiting strategy.
Skills Day
  1. 2-10-40 Growth Initiative - Get your two appointments a day!!
  2. Powerful Recruiting Plan for the new year!!!
  3. Handling Objections & closing recruits - Bring your toughest to class
  4. Mastering & Live Role Play of the "Needs Analysis"
  5. Live appointment setting & feedback - Bring your target list to class
  6. Master the 10-step Recruiting Presentation & live role play
  7. Workshop leads in class- Leave with action plans for your recruits
  8. Round Table recruiting Q & A with Rich
  9. Ten Best Strategies