*The Perfect Operations Team

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A six-month group program that takes a deep dive into the Listing Specialist, Transaction Manager, and Director of Operations positions.

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Join us as we deep, deep dive into the administrative and operations side of a real estate team. In this 18-week course we will go deep into the listing process, the contract to close process, and your key components of operations - recruiting, on-boarding, accountability, financials, and scalable systems for success. Take your administrative/operations team to the next level!

  • This program consists of 18 weekly webinars, on the first 3 weeks of the month.
  • Investment: $199/month USD for 6 months, Total Investment $1,194 USD
  • There are no holds/refunds/cancellations in Group Coaching
  • All calls will be recorded for your streaming purposes and you will receive access to any missed session recordings upon signup. 


What to Expect: 
6 calls on Listing Manager - going deep into the position with Job Description, KPA, time blocking, processes, systems and more!
6 calls on Transaction Coordinator - going deep into the position with Job Description, KPA, time blocking, processes, systems and more!
6 calls on Director of Operations- going deep into the position with Job Description, KPA, time blocking, processes, systems and more!
A full systems evaluation of all of the systems in your business and how to lead a successful operations team.
Live Calls with the TOP Listing Mangers/Specialists, Transaction Coordinators and Director of Operations in the company.
Systems for Success: Listing Management, Contract to Close, Review and Referrals, Recruiting, On-boarding, Accountability, and more!
Call for Agents wanting to hire the right administrative/operations team (AND setting up expectations with their detailed job description)
Call for Assistants wanting to perfect their job and take it to the next level (of deep customer experience for repeat and referral business)
Learn when to hire a Director of Operations (that will take your team to ultimately 7th level)
Setting all the expectations and clarity on each position
How to lead, on board and off board employees/ agents (effectively with guidelines)
Building a successful organizational model for growth through the 7 levels of business

Next course begins:
Tuesday, Nov 06, 2018 - 11:00 am CST


Brindley Tucker
Coach Information:
Brindley Tucker unifies teams and helps agents increase leverage in their businesses. She is a licensed Realtor® and MAPS coach specializing in Operations and Expansion HUBS. Brindley previously owned a successful real estate marketing and transaction management company where she closed over 2,000 real estate transactions. She gathered experience in building a successful transaction business from a self-funded, independent operation to a team of seven, in just three short years. This expertise now allows her to share her knowledge by assisting agents, brokers, and industry leaders to attract and retain top talent for their teams and offices.

Monica Reynolds
Coach Information:
Monica Reynolds has garnered national recognition as a real estate seminar and convention speaker, trainer and author. She is regarded in the industry as the leader of innovative real estate systems and effective team building strategies that sustain successful real estate careers. Monica has dedicated her career to teaching and coaching agents and assistants in the real estate industry. She has coached more real estate professionals than anyone else in the country. She pioneered the hiring of administrative assistants and building professional team structures along with replicable and scalable systems.