MAPS Certification Program

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Are you ready to increase your knowledge, confidence and income?




MAPS Coaching is proud to announce the new KW MAPS Certification program! You can join in anytime, so enroll today!

Through a series of hour-long conference calls and webinars, you’ll increase your confidence, knowledge and skillset that builds credibility in potential clients’ eyes that leads to more income for you!

It's free to enroll in the MAPS Certification program. The only costs are the fees associated with each program. 

Certifications are available for:
1.    Listing Specialists (0-23 closings)
2.    Advanced Listing Specialists (24+ closings within the last 24 months)
3.    Buyer Specialists (0-23 closings)
4.    Advanced Buyer Specialists (24+ closings within the last 24 months)
5.    Assistants

Whether you’ve been practicing real estate for days or decades, there is a MAPS Certification program that’s right for you!

What to expect:
1.    Accountability
2.    Access to top MAPS Coaches & the best brains in the business
3.    Workbooks to refer back to over the years
4.    Upon completion, a digital certificate suitable for printing and framing