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Have you built your business in such a way that it can be leveraged, replicated, and expanded?

Expansion Coaching: Build Your Business to Expand  is exclusive to KW Associates. Choose your subscription below:

Annual  $999.00USD  

Monthly  $99.00 USD

This new expansion-focused community will walk you through how to build each pillar of your business in such a way that you will be prepared to expand – locally, regionally, and nationally. This is designed as an ongoing coaching program to help build business owners and grow the leadership skills of agents ready to move from being a real estate agent to a CEO.

Building a big business is sequential. Each month we will continue to layer in strategies to prepare for expansion, launch into expansion, grow your current expansion, or dominate the industry through expansion.  

Join our weekly calls built around each pillar of your business. 

Build Your Business to Expand is only for KW Associates, please do not register for this program if you are not a KW Associate. Non-KW Associates will not receive access to the program and their money will be refunded. For any questions email us at Fasttrack@kw.com

  • Enroll at anytime

Call Schedule & Time(s)

Week 1: Operations

Week 2: Lead Generation & Sales

Week 3: Growth

Week 4:  Follow The Model


What to Expect: 
A detailed Expansion checklist and timeline
Suggested compensation models
Launch checklists and action plans
Job profiles and recruiting tools
In-depth interviews with successful expansionists
Access to members-only KWConnect site


Chris Suarez
Coach Information:
Chris Suarez has now expanded his business into over 25 different cities across 10 states and 2 countries. His organization will generate $4M in revenue while focusing on building incredible culture thru Coaching, Consulting, Collaborating, and Commitment. His simple approach to building with systems, tools, and models is the foundation of his success.