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Mastery Business Coaching offers personalized management coaching, business-planning and high-level accountability to those committed to expanding their business.

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This program consists of approximately 40 high-impact phone sessions from your personal coach.

What to Expect: 
Assessment of your business' productivity and profitability
Personalized action plans that will propel you into success
Scripts and dialogues to accelerate your lead generation
Objection handlers that will instill the confidence to close the deal
Accountability sessions to ensure you stick to your plan, accomplish your goals and increase your income
Customized strategies for actualizing your vision and goals for your business
Use of a powerful, simple to use online numbers tracking system for watching your numbers "on the go”
Family Reunion
Mega Camp
Recharge ($250 USD discount)
Franchise Systems Orientation
Mastery and VIP receptions
Mastery Community Events
Mastery Lounge
VIP Seating at Events
Monthly Leadership/Business Building Call
Role-play Network