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Agent to Agent

Listing Presentation

Gain a better understanding of the Home Selling Process, as well as access to a library of materials that will take your Real Estate career to a new level of success!

20 Point Buyer Presentation

The Presentation is customizable for any market, single agent or team.

7 Days to Success with Short Sales Training Kit
Learn the system that will successfully allow you to close more short sales than ever before!


BOLD Bracelet

100% silicone. Latex-free and child safe.  

BOLD Journal

Dianna Kokoszka has always been an avid journal writer and has recorded her thoughts, ideas, inspirations, lessons, and experiences throughout her career.

BOLD Laws Poster

The BOLD Laws come as a high resolution 24"x36" poster and is a great addition to any wall!

BOLD Monkeys

Sold in sets of 3, BOLD monkeys act as a reminder of the BOLD Law: Don't listen to your drunk monkey.

BOLD Success Scripts
Has there ever been a time when you wished for the right words to inspire others to "Yes"?
BOLD Touches Postcards

Spread the BOLD message with these 6"x4"custom designed pass-along cards.

MAPS Coaching

MAPS Mastery Journal

Are you a MAPS Mastery Client? Have you filled your Mastery journal with inspiring notes from your coaching calls? Are you ready to start a new chapter in your path to Mastery?

eEdge Data Transfer
Let MAPS lighten your load and transfer your data from either Top Producer or Brokermetrics on eEdge.
MAPS Gamebook for Productivity Coaches

Gamebook is currently being rewritten, available for pre-order only!

MAPS Playbook for Agents (Currently Unavailable)
Playbook is currently being rewritten, currently unavailable!
No Nonsense Recruiting Scripts

Would you like to escalate your skill at inviting real estate agents, especially top producers, to join Keller Williams Realty? Help more agents make a decision to join KW?

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
This customized four-disc audio collection features John Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and their direct application to the success of the real estate professionals of Keller Williams Realty.