The ONE Thing Teleseminar

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Stop Saying "No" to Yourself! If you never feel overwhelmed, distracted or stretched too thin, stop reading now.

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Only the ability to dismiss distractions and concentrate on your ONE Thing stands between you and your big goals. The ONE Thing webinar program is for those committed to achieving extraordinary results, and no less. Sign up today to receive coaching from some of the world's best business coaches and leaders. 

Throughout this engaging program you will:

  • Identify your ONE Thing
  • Get clarity around your purpose
  • Build productive habits into your daily life that empower you
  • Plan for extraordinary results with Goal Setting to the Now
  • Protect your ONE Thing time
  • This program consists of 8 weekly calls.
  • Cost: $249 
  • There are no holds/refunds/cancellations in Group Coaching
  • Target Audience: All Associates
  • All calls will be recorded for your streaming purposes and you will receive access to these recordings upon signup.


Matthew Basson, CEO |

I have worked with some of the most accomplished, well known trainers and personal coaches in the world, literally. I won't mention names because I do not want to offend them. With that said, I have never worked with anyone that has had such an immediate and significant positive impact on my productivity and clarity as you. I had extremely high expectations that were more than satisfied... much more.

Judy Brown

After years of helping people discover their "Big Why", and thinking I already knew mine, taking The One Thing Teleseminars Program helped me to zero in on my true purpose. Now I have a guiding light as I move forward. The One Thing program will help you find yours as well!

Kathryn Caywood

I signed up for this coaching class because I wanted more focus in my business, yet it's amazing how many of The ONE Thing lessons are spilling over into many areas of my life.

Wouldn’t sharing the experience with an associate make it that much more rewarding? Who do you know that would also enjoy and benefit from this program? Tell them and tell us. 25 participants are required to hold the program. If minimum number is not reached, unfortunately, the program will be rescheduled. Don’t let that happen! Together we create careers worth having, businesses worth owning and lives worth living.
What to Expect: 
Increase the value of your time currency.
Gain clarity on your long term vision.
Increase your personal productivity and profitability.
Build an annual business plan based in your long term vision.
Build a weekly plan based on your annual goals.
Learn strategies to time block the most important activities, your ONE Thing.
Learn models, systems and focus to achieve extraordinary results.

Next course begins:
Thursday, Jun 15, 2017 - 10:00 am CDT


Les McGehee
Coach Information:
Coach Les McGehee is an author, comedian, actor, trainer, and speaker. He is the Certification Director for Trainers to lead ONE Thing Workshops based on the #1 Wall Street Journal & Amazon best selling book by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan.