Mastering Your Mind

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Tired of experiencing more of the same?  Looking to make a dramatic shift in your life?  Are you ready to Master Your Mind as a way to achieve peak performance in an area of your life?  If you are tired of your status quo . . . Look no further! 

As a coach, it’s not unusual to hear someone say that it feels like business is happening to them.  At times, everyone can feel like a product of their circumstances, which, quite frankly, robs you of your personal power.  This is a huge cost to any business organization.   What if, however, you actually had the platform to project your life into existence and the only thing that is stopping you from reaching your capacity is your current programming? It has been identified that nearly 97% of everything you do in the course of a day is a habitual conditioned response activated by current programming.  

You’ve heard in BOLD that the “conscious mind is the goal setter and the unconscious mind is the goal getter".  Mastering your Mind is designed to target your unconscious patterns that can stop you dead in your tracks from achieving higher levels of success.  By fully engaging in this program, you will have the opportunity to work on one specific area of your life allowing you to experience a new reality.  Thoreau has said that, “For every thousand that are hacking at the leaves, only one is striking at the root.” Over a 12 week period, this inter-active MAPS program will partner with you in striking at root belief and moving beyond your status quo!

  • 12 weekly one-hour calls
  • $199.00 per month for three months
  • A Leadership Essentials Report will be generated for every participant ($100 value)
Tuesday, May 30, 2017
Start Time: 2:00 pm CDT