MAPS Gamebook for Productivity Coaches

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MAPS Gamebook for Productivity Coaches


Gamebook is currently being rewritten, available for pre-order only!

The MAPS Gamebook for Productivity Coaches written by Dianna Kokoszka is the definitive resource for anyone who is looking to take the agents in their market center from Zero to Cap, by “empowering agents to build successful businesses through support and accountability.”  This is the groundwork for a program that focuses on solutions, develops new agents’ skills, and provides accountability to increase profits through production.  As a coach, it shows you the proven models to coach by.  

To get the full benefit of the book and to know specifically how to use it, enroll in MAPS Productivity Coaching by simply calling 512-327-3070. 

1st 100 days as a Productivity Coach 

  • Models and systems to coach by 
  • Presentation meeting outlined 
  • Coaching sessions outlined to build solid foundation.