BOLD Leader

BOLD Leader begins by looking inward. Once we realize that the energy we create governs the energy and circumstances that we attract into our lives, we can begin to leverage the full spectrum of our power. This breakthrough program is about leading from the heart. It's about joining hands to become part of something bigger. And it's about getting on the path to become the type of world-class leader that becomes a magnet for the best talent that's out there and the very best that lies within each of us.

BOLD Leader is delivered in three, separate two-day sessions.

Session 1: Unleash Your Abilities; Maximize Your Results.

In BOLD Leader Session One, you will go through a massive transformation around your relationships creating results, and experiencing confidence in your ability to influence. You will gain instant confidence, learn how to get into someone else’s world, and how to overcome your Growth vs Fixed Mindset. Additionally, you will focus on the Pillars of Leadership, learn net forward energy ratio, how 55% of your communication is happening, and receive powerful recruiting scripts.

Session 2: Inspire Action and Get Results Now through Communication. 

Learn to communicate powerfully using language patterns, brain waves, tie downs, embedded commands, keyword backtracking and much more! Increase your charisma and energy. Discover your leadership style! Influence and impact your team.

Session 3: Be a Distinctive Leader and Grow the Leaders Around You.

Learn the 5 Levels of Leadership, the difference between Managers and Leaders, and become a leader that truly developes other leaders. You'll also discover the power of the Green Light System as well as many BOLD laws.

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